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Aquacultural Products

Aquaneering is proud that all of our products are made in the USA

AQUANEERING has been manufacturing products for the Aquaculture industry since 1988, and has grown from a part-time business to the internationally recognized leader in the manufacture and engineering of fluidized bed biofiltration systems for aquaculture. Mark Francis, president of Aquaneering, has worked closely throughout the last several decades with Dr. Dallas Weaver to develop the fluidized bed biofilters for recirculating water systems. This revolutionary filter system is able to maintain superior water quality with undetectable levels of ammonia, a major technological advance for the aquaculture industry.

Aquaneering is also licensed to develop products designed with the patented Bead Filter which was developed by Dr. Ron Malone of LSU. The Bead Filter/Fluidized Bed Biofilter combination which is utilized in water filtration for both Aquaculture projects and Aquatics Research Equipment produces unequaled water quality, and the equipment is rugged and stands up to harsh environments.

Aquaneering is committed to providing the highest water quality, consulting, installation, and service.

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