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Bag Filters & Housings

Product Description
The strong, lightweight, and economical filter vessel will provide years of worry-free service. Its all-plastic construction is perfect for Aquaculture use in both fresh and salt water. Combined with the Filter Bag (which is available in up to 100 micron ratings), they are the perfect solution for your particle filtration needs.

Product Information
The filter bags provide higher flow rates, a longer service life, and are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. The specially designed threaded lid allows for sealing and unsealing without the need for tools.

FSI Filters

Part Number Description
  MFVB005 5 Micron FSI Filter Bag (each)  
  MFVB005C 5 Micron FSI Filter Bag (50 Case)  
  MFVB010 10 Micron FSI Filter Bag (each)  
  MFVB010C 10 Micron FSI Filter Bag (50 Case)  
  MFVB025 25 Micron FSI Filter Bag (each)  
  MFVB025C 25 Micron FSI Filter Bag (50 Case)  
  MFVB050 50 Micron FSI Filter Bag (each)  
  MFVB050C 50 Micron FSI Filter Bag (50 Case)  
  MFVB100 100 Micron FSI Filter Bag (each)  
  MFVA100 FSI Filter Vessel (X100) Complete Housing  
  MFVBASK FSI Filter Housing Inner Basket  
  MFVL Replacement Lid - No O-Ring for FSI Filter Vessel  
  MFVG Replacement O-Ring for FSI Filter Vessel  

Water Filters, Carbon and Sediment for Non-RO Systems
Part Number Description
  MFH10 Water Filter Housing - 10"  
  MFH10D Water Filter Double Housing - 10"  
  MFH10T Water Filter Triple Housing - 10"  
  MFH20 Water Filter Housing - 20"  
  MFH20D Water Filter Double Housing - 20"  
  MFH20T Water Filter Triple Housing - 20"  
  MFE10C Filter Element - 10" Carbon Block  
  MFE10-.5m Filter Element - 10" .5 micron  
  MFE10-1m Filter Element - 10" 1 micron  
  MFE10-5m Filter Element - 10" 5 micron  
  MFE10-10m Filter Element - 10" 10 micron  
  MFE10-25m Filter Element - 10" 25 micron  
  MFE975-5m Resin Bonded Cartridge Filter - 9 3/4" 5 micron  
  MROCBC20 RO Carbon Block Cartridge (20")
(for HP 150, 300, 600, 900 & 1200) and for 20" Housing Above



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