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Dissolved Oxygen Probe

Product DescriptionDO Probe

Fish "breathe" by absorbing dissolved oxygen (oxygen saturation) through their gills. Dissolved oxygen is one of the best indicators of the health of a water ecosystem and subsequently the health of your fish.

The dissolved oxygen (DO) probe measures the amounts of oxygen dissolved in the water. It consists of an cathode, anode, and an electrolyte separated from the water by an oxygen permeable membrane. The oxygen passing through the membrane reacts at the cathode by giving up electrons, which produces an electrical current.

Product Information

The Aquaneering DO sensor is a galvanic electrochemical device; i.e. it does not require power from your meter or controller to generate its signal. The DO sensor will provide an electrical signal proportional to the concentration of oxygen in the water. The DO Probe is typically connected to a monitoring system.

Recommended Water Quality Parameters

Parameter Desired Level (ppm) Low Limit (ppm) High Limit (ppm)
  Dissolved Oxygen 7.8 6 8.5  


Dissolved Oxygen Sensors

Part Number Description
  MS3000DO Dissolved Oxygen Sensor  


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