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June 2015 Newsletter
When in Drought...Call Aquaneering
Aquaneering Systems are Helping to Save California from the Drought
CDFW Drought Safe Haven Recirc UnitAs part of an effort to conserve water and protect endangered fish populations in drought-stricken California, the California Division of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) purchased ten "Drought Safe Haven Recirc Units" last year from Aquaneering. CDFW will install eight more units this year.

CDFW Drought Safe Haven Recirc UnitRead more about Aquaneering's recirculating filtration systems and their part in the CDFW's water conservation initiatives in "California hatcheries hunker down for extended drought" at Hatchery International magazine.


Get It On Your Radar!

Art of Science Photomicrography Contest 2016

Rules Coming in July!

Where in the World is Aquaneering?
Date   Event   Location   Link
June 28 - July 2
  9th European Zebrafish Meeting (9thEZM)   Oslo, Norway   Website
    Stand Number: 11        
July 9 - 13   Society for Developmental Biology (SDB) 74th Annual Meeting   Snowbird, Utah   Website
July 17   Mid-Atlantic Zebrafish Meeting (MARZ)
Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University
  Bronx, New York    
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Where in the World is Aquaneering?
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