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AquaEnviroment Chamber

Is your lab too crowded? Put an AquaEnvironment Chamber in the hallway!

Product Description

The AquaEnvironment Chamber provides a controlled, secure environment for breeding zebrafish by maintaining a consistent temperature and light cycle. Maintaining a natural light cycle is especially important for the reproduction and growth of zebrafish, as well as the reduction of the stress to the animals.   AquaEnvironment in use

Product Information

The AquaEnvironment Chamber is constructed of insulated aluminum with stainless steel shelf supports. The Chamber houses 14 roll-out shelves that each hold two clear trays; each tray can hold five crossing tanks. The Chamber's total capacity is 140 tanks. In addition, the AquaEnvironment Chamber is equipped with locking castors.
Light cycle and temperature are regulated by our new AquaLightControl Dawn to Dusk which is easily accessed on the front of the Chamber. Light to the tanks is provided by LED light strips, which use minimal power and produce no heat.

  AquaEnvironment Chamber
Environmental Chamber

AquaEnvironment Chamber

Part Number Description
  ZENVC140 Environmental Chamber
30" Wide x 24" Deep x 83" Tall
Insulated Aluminum Construction with Stainless Steel Shelf Supports
(14) Shelves:
Each Shelf to Roll Out
Each Shelf to Have Two Clear Trays for Holding 5 Crossing Tanks Each
Total Capacity: 140 Crossing or Larval Rearing Tanks
Front Light Control and Low Voltage Dusk to Dawn LED Lighting Temperature Control 27-32º C
(Must be in a room at least 1º below desired temperature)
Castors with Locks


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