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AquaLightControl Dawn to Dusk

Product Description

  light box with dawn to dusk control
  Light Box with AquaLightControl

Although maintaining a light cycle is especially important for their reproduction and growth, zebrafish in light-controlled housing can experience stress when lights are turned on too abruptly. Mimicking natural sunrise and sunset will reduce "light shock" to the fish and improve breeding cycles. The AquaLightControl Dawn to Dusk allows the user to control when the lights turn on and off, the rate of time for the lights to ramp up and dim down, and the maximum level of light.

Product Information

  Dawn to dusk screen display
  Touchscreen Display

The AquaLightControl Dawn to Dusk mimics natural light conditions by using specialized circuitry in the controller to gradually turn the light on to simulate sunrise, and to dim the light to simulate sunset. The controller touchscreen is easy and intuitive for programming all timer settings.
Most fluorescents cannot be dimmed without expensive ballasts, and because an LED light strip requires minimum voltage to turn on, using a conventional dimmer to gradually increase the voltage will not work. The AquaLightControl works differently by using a custom-printed intelligent circuit board which is integrated with the LED lights and requires no ballast. The sunrise/sunset simulator control can be configured by the user to increase or decrease gradually from fifteen minutes to one hour. Not only can the settings be programmed to control the rate of time for the lights to ramp up and dim down, they can also control how bright the user wants the maximum level of light to be.

AquaLightControl Dawn to Dusk

Part Number Description
  MCTLED AquaLightControl Dawn to Dusk Light and Temperature Controller  
  ZENVC140 Environmental Chamber
30" Wide x 24" Deep x 83" Tall
Insulated Aluminum Construction with Stainless Steel Shelf Supports
(14) Shelves:
Each Shelf to Roll Out
Each Shelf to Have Two Clear Trays for Holding 5 Crossing Tanks Each
Total Capacity: 140 Crossing or Larval Rearing Tanks
Front Light Control and Low Voltage Dusk to Dawn LED Lighting Temperature Control 27-32º C
(Must be in a room at least 1º below desired temperature)
Castors with Locks
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