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Stainless Steel Fish Transport Tanks

The “Live Haul” Transport Tank

We're proud of the stainless live haul truck we built for the State of Idaho, which included many special features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Mounted to DOT truck chassis
  • Pneumatic walkway with handrail
  • Monitoring system including oxygen monitoring probes, temperature probe, and carbon dioxide monitoring system.
  • Backup generator
  • A/C- and D/C-powered aerators
  • Gate valves (10")
  • Custom hose storage
  • Pressure switch in oxygen manifold
  • Transfer pump
  • Integral tempering lines
  • Chassis-mounted toolboxes
  Idaho live haul tank with open walkway
  Idaho live haul tank with folded walkway

Idaho stainless steel live haul truck

Idaho live haul tank walkway   Gate valve
  Idaho live haul tank bed
Gate valve
Lift controls
Walkway   Power box, pneumatic controls,
and aerators
  Generator and cover











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