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Zebrafish Aquatic Housing Systems

Zebrafish Housing Racks
The Aquaneering system features a tubular stainless steel welded rack. The open frame design allows maximum visibility without sacrificing structural integrity. The onboard water delivery and drainage system are easily removable for cleaning and maintenance. Water flow is precisely metered by individual valves, allowing a variety of flow rates to individual tanks. Drain troughs and piping are constructed from clear PVC for convenient monitoring of waste water flows.
Zebrafish Aquatic Housing is available in large Central Filtration Systems or as Stand Alone Rack Systems (see below).

  Zebrafish Central Filtration System

Systems Designed to Meet Your Needs
Efficiently designed aquatic housing systems allow excellent usability for stand-alone and multiple rack configurations. Aligned in rows and attached to a central filtration system, Aquaneering Aquatic systems make up some of the largest aquatic research rooms in the world.

Zebrafish Tanks
The Aquaneering system features durable, self-cleaning tanks, molded in six different sizes. The stackable, polycarbonate tanks feature a subtle “V” that is formed into the tank floor, channeling solids to the rear of the tank. The removable baffle forces water to flow along the tank bottom, carrying the solids up and out of the overflow port. A second slot is provided to install a fry screen without eliminating the baffle. Aquaneering tanks are available in bisphenol free plastic as well.
  Zebrafish Tanks

Specialized Optional Components
Aquaneering offers crossing tank shelves and many other specialized optional components to enhance your zebrafish system:


  Crossing Tank Shelves
  Crossing Tank Shelving can be rack or wall mounted.


Stand Alone Systems   Modular Systems Requiring Central Filtration


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