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A Monthly Webinar Series
Presented by Aquaneering

Twelve Speakers bring zebrafish from the past into the future.

JUL 2021
Steve Watts
Professor, University of Alabama Birmingham
The Status of Formulated Diets in Zebrafish
Wednesday, July 28th 8:30am PT (15:30 GMT)

Recordings of webinars will not be available to view until six months from their original date. So register for webinars now to participate live and have all your questions answered!

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SEP 2020
Christian Lawrence
Aquatic Resources Program/Boston Children’s Hospital
Zebrafish Husbandry and Management: What Should Be Standardized and Why

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OCT 2020
Dr. Michael Kent
Professor/Oregon State University
Common Diseases in Zebrafish Research Labs

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NOV 2020
Dan Castranova
Aquatic Research Specialist/Charles River - NIH
The Effect of Stocking Densities on Reproductive Performance in Zebrafish

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DEC 2020
Patty Oden
Senior Aquatic Technician/University of Alabama Birmingham
Color Preferences of Zebrafish: How They Affect Mating Behavior and Increase Reproductive Performance

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JAN 2021
Hugh Hammer
Senior Aquatic Manager/University of Pittsburgh
Serendipity or Destiny? My Journey from Aquaculture Professor to Zebrafish Manager and How One Phone Call Can Change A Career

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FEB 2021
Christine Archer
Fish Facility Coordinator/University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus
Zebrafish Facility Management – Compromises and Collaborations

MAR 2021
Christine Lieggi
Associate Director & Head of Veterinary Services/
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Weill Cornell Medical College
Management Strategies for Common Zebrafish Diseases

APR 2021
Jason Best
Aquatics Specialist II/Boston Children’s Hospital

Polyculture Technique Using Salt Water Rotifers: Then and Now

MAY 2021
Claire Allen
Aquarium Manager/Sheffield University
Training and Competency in 3Rs Management

JUN 2021
Austin Bailey
Architect/Rowell Brokaw

JUL 2021
Steve Watts
Professor, Graduate Program Director/University of Alabama Birmingham

AUG 2021
Back to School: Zebrafish Education and Stock Resources

SEP 2021
Joshua Barber
Aquatics Manager, Columbia University Medical Center, Institute of Comparative Medicine






What's New
16th Annual Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop (Virtual)
Tuesday, February, 23 to Thurs, February 25, 2021
Speakers covering a range of topics, in-depth husbandry sessions, and more! Get all the details, full schedule, and registration information here.
A Monthly Webinar Series
Presented by Aquaneering
Twelve Speakers from past Zebrafish Husbandry Workshops bring zebrafish from the past into the future
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